Designed to make a difference today and tomorrow, BigHer Impact's LittleLift series is the only chore-centered children’s collection focused on gender equity and empowerment through responsibility.

We believe small things can have a big impact and that nurturing a growth mindset in children can pay dividends down the road. Our collection of thoughtfully-developed, gender-neutral products is designed to instill a work ethic in the tiniest of humans.

Decades of studies show that children benefit not only academically and emotionally, but professionally and civically from contributing to household chores. Yet, despite its benefits, children today are less likely to pitch in. This paradox has become our inspiration.

We believe that what we teach kids at a young age has the power to shape behavior in adolescence, and that if we want to create more equitable communities, households and workplaces, we must first foster more confidence, compassion and self-reliance in our youth. That work begins at home.

In an effort to affirm and nurture self-esteem, and destigmatize chores, we’ve reimagined household responsibility and turned work into play. Simply put, BigHer Impact is a conduit to character-building; an opportunity to teach children how to think, not what to do.

CEO & FoundHer

Designer, author and maker-mom of two, Ashley Kegley-Whitehead is a social-impact entrepreneur on a mission to build self-reliant, compassionate, confident kids. She believes small things can have a big impact, and that the messages and stories we tell our children today, will shape their imagination and outlook tomorrow.

As a female, raising two young girls, Ashley understands the importance of, and knows first-hand, how values and ideals show up in our communities, workplaces and households.

Chores are cool. Raising kids with confidence is, too.

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“if you want children
to keep their feet on
the ground, put some
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- Abigail Buran

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progress, not perfection

The path to gender equality will require a shift in mindset. That calibration, while it doesn’t happen overnight, is possible. With the right research, products and conversations, we can influence change. Small things can have a BigHer Impact if only we’re brave enough to accept progress over perfection. ⁠

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