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Family Conversation Cards

Whether playing, driving, cleaning or gathering around the dinner table, Chore Chat's family conversation cards are designed to encourage creativity, curiosity and connection via “sideways listening.” 

With 52 questions the whole family can enjoy, these conversation starters are about learning to listen. Created in collaboration with the non-profit Girls Empowerment Network and Ripple Reads, each purchase includes a 10% give-back benefit and helps celebrate individuality while building trust and confidence through conversation. 

Great for dinner table talk, as a road trip game, or any of those shoulder-to-shoulder everyday moments in between. 

Recommended ages 4+

Topics Include:

  • Creativity
  • Diversity
  • Gender Equity
  • Imagination
  • Character-Building
  • Inclusion

parent praises

This is exactly what I've been looking for. What a fun way to deliver important life lessons. Especially love the Big Dreams + Hard Work piece. The entire collection is great. Kudos!!

- Christen R., New Mexico

Love this book. It's a great departure from the old adage "because I said so" - instead, chores are naturally woven throughout the story as fun activities and responsibilities the family can do together.

- Salwa K., Texas

These cards are great. We bought two sets! One for our family and one as a birthday gift. Great quality and important content. Highly recommend.

- Ryan B., Texas

A great reminder that we need to pass down helpfulness to both our boys and girls. The packaging and content is so thoughtful and modern - a true show stopper.

- Jennifer W., California

This is EVERYTHING. The perfect way to introduce children to chores. Two thumbs up. Book, cards and even the fun puzzle was a nice touch!!

- Heidi P., Tennessee

LOVE the beautiful illustrations and life lessons sprinkled throughout this book! Such an important message for our kiddos - thank you!

- Patti H., Texas