The Checklist

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age-appropriate chores + important life lessons

The Checklist: Character-Building Chores for a Fun, Productive Day

How you define helpfulness within your family is paramount to how your children will interpret responsibility and what it means to be a part of the team. Chores don't have to be difficult or disagreeable. Discover how work can be play in this delightful story of confidence, kindness and character-building. 

With a playful, rhythmic cadence, The Checklist delivers life lessons in memorable, bite-sized messages teaching children how to think, not what to do. 

Bold, bright and ultra impactful, this modern picture book is a must for any growing, home library. Chores are cool. Raising confident kids is, too! 

Written by Ashley Kegley-Whitehead and illustrated by Monique Aimee.


  • For the young and young at heart: Ideal for ages 3-to-10, though this family-friendly book is great for all ages. Research suggests that the best predictor of child success later in life is whether or not they participated in household tasks at a young age - particularly beginning at 3 and 4 years old. 
  • Quality materials: We use a protective hardback cover for added durability, protection and quality. Additional design features like an embossed title and spot UV add dimension and depth.
  • Unique Sizing: This noteworthy 10 x 10 square shape is used far less frequently than either the portrait or landscape design, adding genuine uniqueness and balance that draws your eye into the center of each page. 
  • Sustainably Printed: All paper used in this book is a natural, recyclable product made from wood grown in well-managed forests. 

parent praises

This is exactly what I've been looking for. What a fun way to deliver important life lessons. Especially love the Big Dreams + Hard Work piece. The entire collection is great. Kudos!!

- Christen R., New Mexico

Love this book. It's a great departure from the old adage "because I said so" - instead, chores are naturally woven throughout the story as fun activities and responsibilities the family can do together.

- Salwa K., Texas

These cards are great. We bought two sets! One for our family and one as a birthday gift. Great quality and important content. Highly recommend.

- Ryan B., Texas

A great reminder that we need to pass down helpfulness to both our boys and girls. The packaging and content is so thoughtful and modern - a true show stopper.

- Jennifer W., California

This is EVERYTHING. The perfect way to introduce children to chores. Two thumbs up. Book, cards and even the fun puzzle was a nice touch!!

- Heidi P., Tennessee

LOVE the beautiful illustrations and life lessons sprinkled throughout this book! Such an important message for our kiddos - thank you!

- Patti H., Texas